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Haleakala Express: A Bike Ride Down a Volcano

Have you ever been to Maui? It is really a beautiful place to visit, especially if you are the adventurous sort. My wife and I have been there twice, and it was absolutely beautiful. There really isn't a place like it on the planet. 

Some of the main things that people do when they visit Maui are to relax on the beach, enjoy some of the great food that is available, take a drive on the road to Hana and my personal favorite, take a bike ride down Mt. Haleakala.

The first time we stayed on Maui we found this excursion and we really weren't sure what to expect, but we went there anyway. Our travel agent gave us some good advice, and that was to do the bike ride on your first day, because they pick you up at 2:00 in the morning. That way you aren't fully adjusted to the time and don't really notice that you are up so early. 

They will take pick you up in a van and take you to their shop where you will be able to eat some snacks and have some coffee while they load the trailers and then you will leave for the drive to the top of the volcano.


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Once on top of the volcano, you will notice that the air is very thin. This is because you are at an elevation of over 10,000 feet. The great news is that you will be treated to a star-filled sky like you have never seen while you wait for the sunrise. Once the sun comes up you will get on all of your gear and they will give you a bike and some safety instructions and you are on your way down the volcano.

The ride down the volcano is full of switchbacks, and the views are fantastic. As you travel down in elevation the temperatures will become warmer and you will be able to remove some layers of clothing. 

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A stop for a mid-morning breakfast is great, and they will tell you about some of the famous people that live on the mountain. Soon you are back on your bike and heading for the ocean. It's a lot of fun and very little peddling, so you really get to relax and enjoy the trip. I hope you enjoy a bike ride down the volcano.

Written by Steve Miers

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