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Maui Facts

Survival Hawaiian: Words to Know for Your Trip to Maui

If you learned French, Spanish, German, Italian or Latin in high school, it won't help you understand the Hawaiian words and phrases you may encounter during your trip to Maui.  Up through the 19th century and the arrival of Western missionaries, the Hawaiian language was spoken only.  The missionaries created an alphabet for Hawaiian that enabled them to create educational materials and eventually a Bible in the language.

In pronouncing the Hawaiian words you come across during your trip, a good principle to keep in mind is to say every vowel separately.

Aloha - A welcome that can be used for hello or goodbye;  also refers to the spirit of welcome 

Mahalo - Thank you

Keiki - Children

Ali'i - Hawaiian royalty


More Maui Facts


Aina - The land

Lanai - Patio or balcony

Hale - Home

Ohana - Family;  in a real estate context it means an extra cottage on one's property for relatives 

Kama'aina - Native or local;  a kama'aina discount is one available to those who can prove Hawaii residency

Wahine - Women

Kane - Men

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Mauka - Toward the mountains;  a direction used instead of north/south/east/west

Makai - Toward the sea;  a direction used instead of north/south/east/west

Ono - delicious

Paniolo - Cowboy

Lei - Garland of flowers worn around the neck

Honu - Sea turtle

Kokua - Help

Mana - Spiritual power

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