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Maui Sunset Dinner Cruises

One of the most romantic activities you can enjoy on your vacation is a Maui sunset dinner cruise. After spending an adventuresome day snorkeling, parasailing, hiking, or surfing, a Maui dinner cruise is the perfect way to give yourself a relaxing break.

Float between the islands of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe, as the warm tradewinds caress your skin. Watch the skies turn from brilliant blue to blazing oranges and reds, as the sun dips perfectly into the Pacific. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the scenery, while your Maui dinner cruise hosts take care of the details.

Choosing the perfect Maui sunset cruise

If you are alone with your loved one, a quiet sailboat excursion complete with champagne might be the perfect Maui sunset cruise for you. Many tours are geared to cater to couples only, and you can enjoy a scrumptious meal immersed in serenity and breathtaking beauty.

For families, or those who prefer a setting with more nightlife, some of the larger Maui dinner cruise tour boats offer music and dancing to accompany your evening. These excursions are a delight to children, who are welcome to strut their stuff on the dance floor next to the adults. Some Maui sunset cruises even provide live entertainment, such as a hula show.


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When to depart for your Maui dinner cruise

There are boats departing for Maui sunset cruises from various locations along the west side of the island, but the majority of Maui dinner cruises are concentrated in Lahaina. Most Maui dinner cruises last two to two-and-a-half hours and depart early enough to ensure you are afloat in time to watch the sunset. Early check-in is usually required. A nice feature of the Lahaina departure is the ability to enjoy the village's nightlife following the cruise.

For those who prefer to wrap a multitude of activities into one fun-filled day, there are some Maui dinner cruises that depart as early as ten o'clock in the morning. You will be taken to an area, such as Lanai, for an afternoon of swimming or snorkeling, volleyball, and all-around fun in the sun - before you enjoy a beautiful Maui sunset cruise on your return trip.

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Preparing for the gorgeous views on a Maui sunset cruise

From your vantage point at sea, you get a good look at the intricate topography of Maui and can understand why it is referred to as The Valley Isle. From the perspective on a Maui dinner cruise, Maui becomes even more interesting at night when the island is bathed in brilliant moonlight - and the millions of clear stars touch all the way down to the horizon.

Since you will be on the water from day into night, be sure to dress appropriately for your Maui sunset cruise. Even though the days can be hot during the summer, the nights can still become chilly. Some of the larger boats offer indoor space for dancing, but the majority of time aboard a Maui sunset cruise is spent topside. Bring along a jacket or sweater to wear after sunset to ensure your comfort.

Especially if you are visiting for the first time, a Maui sunset cruise should be added to your list of things to see and do. You will find the staff of each boat attentive to your needs, the food plentiful and delicious, and the scenery jaw dropping. The Maui dinner cruise experience will give you memories of the island that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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