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Excellent Reasons Why You Need To Visit Lanai

Lanai is a perfect getaway or vacation place if you want to escape the troubles and stresses of your job or business. This place offers a wide array of natural wonders that you and your family will surely find really interesting and relaxing. Moreover, this place has a lot of activities in store that you can enjoy doing with your kids. 

Lanai is the only island of Hawaii that offers views of five different islands.

Lanai came to be because of a volcanic eruption that was brought about by the Palawai Volcano many years ago. This wonderful island is covered with attractive cliffs, white beaches, sharp gorges, and shady Cook pines. Lanai can offer you and your family a lot of memories of a great Hawaiian experience brought about by a plethora of various activities and adventures coming from different places on the island. 


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Let's take a glimpse of the different activities that you and your kids can do while you're on the island for a vacation. First among the different spots of the island that you can go to would be Manele Bay. Here, you can spend some time swimming, boating, and touring off of the island. This attractive spot is located south east of the coast of the island. It hosts the largest island resort on Lanai, which is known as The Four Seasons Resort Lanai. This lovely resort offers high class services and modern amenities that will let you help you forget the stresses that you left at home. This resort includes a major golf course where you can score a few putts. The island resort is made up of well-experienced and friendly staff members that will be able to cater to all of your needs while you're in the place.

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Another wonderful spot on the island is the Garden Of The Gods. This tourist spot is situated northwest of the city of Lanai. This is a plateau that offers nostalgic and relaxing views of sunsets. It is also the location of hundreds of colored and widely shaped boulders.

On the other hand, if you and your family are beach persons, you will also get what the fun that you need. The beaches on the island offer a lot of water activities to get your adrenalin pumping while offering a relaxing atmosphere at the same time to remove stress off of your body.

Written by Danny Hawkins 

Before you decide to take a trip to this lovely island, take some time to look for a good Lanai hotel where you can stay for awhile before you decide to go out and have some fun at the different tourist spots in the area. If you don't want to stay in a hotel, perhaps a lodge at Koele will work well for you:

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