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10 Reasons to Visit Molokai

Molokai offers a vacation comprising of true Hawaiian traditions focusing on nature, culture and the simple way of life. The 5th largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Molokai is surrounded by extravagant beauty and breathtaking land and seascapes. It currently occupies the 10th position for care and preservation in the list of 111 island destinations in the world. Molokai is fun filled destination abundant with cultural and natural landmarks, unforgettable scuba diving, white sand beaches and snorkeling. 

With no traffic lights and no skyscrapers, Molokai offers a vacation full of natural beaches and eco adventures. Molokai is also called the "Friendly Isle" and features some amazing scenic wonders including the magnificent waterfalls, world's highest sea cliffs, magnificent coral reef and native bird watching. Experience its varied geography with its magnificent beaches, pine forests, green valleys, and bamboo thickets and discover the rich culture of Hawaii.


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Some of the major activities and places to look forward to in Molokai include the following:

  1. Kaunakakai: The village of Kaunakakai offers a change to experience the unique culture of Molokai. This charming place contains several wonderful restaurants and shopping options. The oceanfront condo Marc Molokai Shores provide guests with amazing accommodation option with dramatic views, manicured lawns and many lime trees.

  1. Kalaupapa National Historical Park: it represents the setting of two tragic incidents from the 19th century when the indigenous people were removed from this spot followed by the forceful quarantining of people suffering from leprosy. 

  1. Kawela Battlefield: Kawela Battlefield is the site of a 5 day battle that took place between the joint forces of Hawaii and Molokai and the invading army of the Oahu. During this war thousands of people died including the chief of the Oahu Island, Kapiiohookai. 

  1. RW Meyer Sugar Mill Museum: Built in the 1870s, the RW Meyer Sugar Mill Museum was used for crushing and processing of sugar canes. It is also known as Molokai Museum and Cultural Center and is still owned by the family members of RW Meyer. 

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  1. Ancient Hawaiian Fishponds: The Ancient Hawaiian Fishponds includes several centuries old fish enclosures which were used to house fish until they were eaten by the Hawaiian royal chieftains.

  1. Restaurants in Molokai: Molokai has several restaurants that provide culinary experience and reflect the unique and lively culture of the locals. These restaurants serve several delicious and authentic Hawaiian cuisines together with some world class international options.

  1. Beaches: There are several beautiful beaches in Molokai offering a chance to the visitors to relax listening to the waves or perhaps take a dip in the clear blue water. 

  1. Heritage: The Molokai Halawa Cultural Hike takes visitors on an exciting and adventurous tour to the Halawa Valley passing several amazing island waterfalls on the way. The Halawa valley is the site of the earliest Hawaiian settlements and is believed to overflow with several Supernatural occurrences and legends of spirits. 

  1. Adventure: Molokai offers several adventurous and fun filled activities including hiking, biking, horseback riding and swimming. Visitors may also go for whale watching, kayaking, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

  1. Shopping: Molokai offers shopping in some pleasant quaint shops, family run stores and local markets filled with exciting island wear and several gifts and souvenirs. There aren't any big malls or huge shopping centers, but Molokai provides a truly unique and delightful shopping experience. From Kaunakakai to Maunaloa and Kualapuu, Molokai offers several opportunities for buying island souvenirs and gifts.

Molokai promises an adventurous holiday that takes the visitors back in history without any huge shopping canters, high class hotels and even traffic lights. The travelers are sure to find paradise in this most Hawaiian island.

Written by Carson Tien 

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