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Maui With Kids

Family Fun: Attractions and Activities for Those Visiting Maui

Maui provides a wide variety of options for all different types of visitors coming to the island including singles, couples and families. Although Maui has been known to be a romantic getaway spot, it is also one that has a wealth of options for the large amount of families that come to vacation on this magnificent island. The following paragraphs will highlight some of the popular family fun activities and attractions which will amaze and delight the entire family.


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Specialty Sea Cruises

As Maui is surrounded by beautiful water, one may wish to take their family to an attraction where water is the key component. There are a number of specialty sea cruises that offer activities for families to take part in. One type of sea cruise that is extremely popular amongst families is the whale watching sea cruise. Held between the months of December and April, one can venture out into the ocean to catch a glimpse of these great animals. One particular cruise company that hosts tours of this nature is Maui-Molokai Sea Cruises.

Another wonderful sea cruise adventure to take part in is one which takes individuals on snorkeling tours. Snorkeling is a great activity for the whole family to join in, as it is not as in-depth as scuba diving can be yet individuals who go snorkeling can be in the water with a wide variety of sea life. There are a number of cruise companies which offer snorkeling tours as well.


Luaus are a great place for families to get together and have a wonderful bonding experience on their vacation. The luau is not only a dinner but an all out event. Families can attend luaus and take part in delicious Hawaiian feasts while enjoying a number of festivities as well. Activities such as hula dancing, fire knife dances and drumming spectaculars are a big part of the luau. Luaus are held at a number of the hotels on the island and each has their own unique aspects to them.

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Visiting one or all of the many beaches on the island is a great thing to do with the family. While on the beach, the family members can swim, play beach games or simply bask in the sun while enjoying one another's company. Some of the most beautiful beaches are located on Maui and taking the family to the beach for a day of sun and fun is a great family activity.

Helicopter Rides

For those parents who really want to wow the kids, booking a helicopter tour is a great way to show the little ones the island of Maui. From the sky, the family members will be able to see the lush forests, sparkling waters and vast countryside. Some helicopter rides even come in combination packages with other activities such as horseback riding included within them. Helicopter tours are extremely popular on Maui and there are a number of great helicopter tour companies that provide a wide range of options for families hoping to book one in order to see the island from overhead.

Hiking Tours

Hiking is quite a popular activity in the Hawaiian Islands and especially on the island of Maui. There is so much to see while hiking around the island and the wide array of tour types is evidence of this. One can book a hiking tour to see a number of magnificent areas on the island such as rainforests, waterfalls, craters and mountains. One should determine what tour is best for them by considering what areas they would like to see, the age of the children, the hiking ability of each family member and the amount which they would like to spend per person on a hiking tour. One really cannot make a bad choice when it comes to the type of tour to take as each setting has a uniqueness and beauty all its own.

Bike Tours

For those families who have older children, taking a bike tour on Maui is another great activity for the family to take part in. As many of the bike tours take individuals quite a good distance and cater to certain skill levels, companies may require that all participants be at least 12 years old or older in some cases. However, if the family is comprised of parents and teens, then considering a bike tour is a wonderful option. The bike tours vary in length, ability level and route, yet each has their own special qualities to them which make them a great activity to pursue on Maui.

The previously mentioned items are just a few different activities for families to try while they are staying on the island of Maui. The important thing to remember is that as long as the family is together, whatever activity is pursued is sure to be a great time.

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